The brief of "affordable performance” golf

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The brief of "affordable performance” golf Empty The brief of "affordable performance” golf

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The brief of "affordable performance” golf

Of all the new irons and woods shown at the PGA Merchandising show in Orlando, the new irons from Nicklaus golf have endured the worst possible birth pains, TaylorMade R11 Driverbecoming submerged in -300 degree temperatures and then reheated to arrive at the finished result, Cryogenic Supersteel. TaylorMade R11 FairwayThe new Nicklaus VCG irons and Airmax Woods have been two years in development and Nicklaus Golf are the only company to use Cryogenic, Callaway Diablo Edgeor Nitrogen gas freezing techniques to bring a golf club to our Pro shops. Amy Walker, Marketing Manager of Nicklaus Golf explained the process in detail. Callaway Diablo EDGE Driver"We had a look at various types of steel to make a responsive set of irons from. We wanted to improve the qualities of steel, but not make it unaffordable. TaylorMade Burner 2.0So the designers had the brief of "affordable performance". "Cryogenic technology was developed by scientists and metallurgists in conjunction with NASA for use in the extreme temperatures in Space.


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