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Post  loveclair008 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:55 am

Ordinary man, just a rough draft sketch draft, with a few random images of the lines sketched out the general shape, but rather the effect of the decision is the final color of the screen shape. Direct method for artists to paint, sketch draft may be the case. For the artists of classical realistic painting, drawing draft is very important, it is the language of all the artists style. Because the sketch is the most basic artistic expression, the exchange of artists and the natural first step.
Here we look at young sketch artist Chao Ge from the draft process, as shown in Figure 25.
(1) triggered an idea of the first draft of the paper with a pencil to draw a large figure composition and general expression, then the control model to paint. Painter in the painting mostly emotional factors when the main character's appearance and demeanor as close as possible objects.
(2) in the painting process to fully appreciate the model's inner qualities, firmly grasp the spirit of opening the opportunity to be strengthened. Then, draft sketch artist based processing, general, refining.
(3) The continuous evolution of the first two sketches and draft language on the basis of oil paintingsthird draft sketch creation. This step emphasizes contour processing, the shape is more plentiful, the characters in the role of light and shadow to produce a sense of relief. At the same time to enrich local content, a more positive picture. Sketch draft is finalized, the artist in a very strict method (grid method to enlarge) draft copies of the sketch to the canvas.oil painting blog


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