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Post  loveclair008 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:59 am

Through the development of oil paintings , you can see the color layer is constantly digging and the United States created.
abstract painting thick stack of features and strong plasticity is unmatched by other kinds of painting, it's this feature that painting has the feeling that people have thoughts and feelings out of resonance with the rhythm and intensity. Under the action of the pen moves, shaping not only to complete the task of modeling, but also on the screen have a direct effect of texture effects. Rembrandt, Rubens is the ability to grasp and control the texture, because texture directly convey the artist's psychological feelings, the intensity of infection affecting the work. The so-called reasonable performance includes not only the texture of the fabric texture of the object imitation and reproduction, but also the overall mood of the picture description and performance. In the traditional realist paintings, texture is very competent on the texture of the reproduction task, the object of a sense of delicate and rough texture are available to the appropriate texture to be imitated, but this is a very passive act, but the real beauty of the texture that is those to express the artist's picture of the rhythm and emotion, with a high degree of texture and harmonious order. This texture is often beyond the limitations of texture while the spirit of the air throughout the entire picture and the viewer's heart, to become detached from the concrete of the color layer in the United States. In this sense, it is abstract. However, in the traditional oil paintings in which, in turn attached to the realism of the object, the integration in the ascending overall atmosphere.oil painting blog


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