Deluxe sound surrounds embellished 'Rumours'

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Deluxe sound surrounds embellished 'Rumours' Empty Deluxe sound surrounds embellished 'Rumours'

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Deluxe sound surrounds embellished 'Rumours'

He didn't need much persuasion to agree to remix the original album. Rumours' original engineers, Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut, are now affiliated with crimina mind 1-6 dvd
Audio company 5.1 Entertainment Group, which is remixing old favorites and issuing new releases, such as Aaron Neville's gospel collection Devotion, in the high-quality surround-sound format.

The remix is ''radically deluxe in terms of what it does to a body of work,'' Fleetwood says of the buy crimina minds
Audio release, available in January. Rumours, No. 6 on the Recording Industry Association of America's all-time best seller list, was chosen as the band's initial DVD release because ''this is our flagship,'' says Fleetwood, the drummer and co-founder of the band. ''This is the one.''

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Audio puts Rumours in surround sound, with instruments and voices coming out of front and rear speakers in a way listeners haven't heard before.

The most notable difference is on the song Never Going Back Again. The song originally was called Brushes and consisted of just Lindsay Buckingham's acoustic guitar and backup vocal harmony, a short electric guitar solo and soft drumming by Fleetwood. But when it was mixed into two-channel stereo for the original release, the group felt the drums and electric guitar were intrusive. So listeners just heard voice and acoustic guitar, and the name was changed.


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