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Post  loveclair008 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:57 am

From this, drawing from the draft is a flexible modeling process that allows and even encourages constantly modified and adjusted, all of which are satisfactory to determine a clear visual image. In the initial stage of any painting, it is necessary to have a reason to spend a lot of time drawing from the draft.
Drawing from the draft is not necessarily the tone, can be directly on the canvas with line changes, adjustments, can also be used to determine the simple color tone and color the picture of the main relationship. Here are some tools used for draft work.
(1) charcoal. abstract painting and bar are suitable for charcoal or wood on canvas sketching. Charcoal of better performance, because it prints lighter and easier to wipe up and use more flexible. Carbon rods can leave heavy lines, the contour lines are more clear.
(2) charcoal. Lines of smaller, more suitable for detailed painting. Some people do not advocate the use of pencil, that letterpress printing color layer from the oil pan bottom up.
(3) color chalk and crayons. Easy to use too much on the canvas, to avoid the use of white or light-colored. In this sketch the excessive use of chalk or crayon color will base instability.
(4) watercolor and acrylic colors. Thin watercolor oil paintings the color of the coverage will not have any impact. To thick coating on the use of acrylic color.
(5) ink. Use of Chinese calligraphy and painting with ink, is very interesting. Painting ink lines can be used both color coverage, can also be retained, it will not easily be washed off turpentine.
(6) carbon paper. Draft paper drawings can be copied onto the canvas.
In drawing from the draft stage, hair spray, glue and other fixative is indispensable. Or pan for easy off-color material is necessary to spray a layer of fixative. oil painting blog


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